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Aberdeen Healing RoomsAberdeen Healing Room

What is a healing room?

"...simply a place where people can come and receive healing prayer for any condition..."

Healing Rooms are open to everyone, whether they have any church connection or not, and prayer is offered free of charge by small teams of trained volunteers who come from different local churches.

We regularly see people being healed, sometimes instantly and sometimes over a period of time. In Scotland, amongst other things, we have seen people healed from damaged liver, back pain, depression and allergies; and Healing Rooms around the world have documented cases of healing from HIV, various cancers and other 'incurable' conditions.

Aberdeen Healing Rooms are open on Thursday mornings from 11am to 1pm

Aberdeen Vineyard

God has called us to establish a growing, regional, biblically based Church in Aberdeen, which will worship God and communicate the Gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit, in a relevant way, showing compassion, mercy and generosity to all those we meet. We aim to train and equip men and women to be effective in extending God's Kingdom, to develop leaders, to plant new churches and to contribute to the blessing of the whole Church.

Bethany Christian TrustBethany Christian Trust

Passing the Baton

This is the age of self-help books, telephone support lines and daytime chat show hosts giving advice. Individuals are becoming increasingly isolated and many people do not know their neighbours; some have no real friends to turn to.

Passing the Baton works with people at risk of losing their tenancy to help them to feel settled in their new neighbourhood.

We need volunteers to introduce them to local groups and activities.

CLC BookshopCLC Bookshop

Our purpose statement, or mission, is "to make evangelical Christian literature available so that people may come to faith and maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ".  We have been working to that end since our founding in 1941.  CLC is established in 57 countries. It is represented by more than 180 bookshops, 18 distribution warehouses and 18 publishing houses. The ministry in each CLC country is set up independently. We are united by our common purpose, goals and International Constitution.

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